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The Service Platoon Leader is responsible for leading a team of service-minded veterans and community volunteers to make a lasting impact in their city. With support from The Mission Continues staff, the Service Platoon Leader ensures volunteer engagement through regular service, support, and social events. The Service Platoon Leader also connects with local organizations to provide veteran and community resources to their members, supporting them in their reintegration into their communities after military service.

Successful Platoon Leaders have the ability to engage individuals to become community volunteers on behalf of The Mission Continues, while finding new and innovative ways for those veterans to serve. The average Platoon Leader volunteers for 10 hours a week and receives a monthly per diem for their volunteer services. Platoon Leaders will meet with local community, corporate, and civic leaders to learn more about the needs of the community and to discover how the Service Platoon can become involved. Platoon Leaders are expected to create a leadership team of Squad Leaders that will help them accomplish these missions and to train up the next group of leaders for future projects.