Support Veterans as They Transition and Succeed

Thanks to your donations, The Mission Continues helps more and more veterans transition each day. The Mission Continues was established in 2007 when several service members who had recently returned from service in Iraq pitched in their disability checks to help other veterans. Over 840 fellowships and dozens of platoons later, your donations—from each gift to the ongoing support of our partners—have made a difference to thousands of veterans.

Your support remains crucial as we empower veterans to find new meaning and focus in their lives through continued service—and to strengthen their communities in the process. We appreciate your one-time gift or recurring donations, which can be completed easily and securely here. The Mission Continues is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

You may also be interested in supporting grassroots fundraisers or our Fund-a-Fellowship program.

Contribute to a
Power Our Program

Take action to support our veterans with fundraising events in your community. Connect to many individuals and organizations across the nation who band together to support The Mission Continues. These passionate supporters challenge themselves with marathons and mud runs, or by organizing trivia nights and fishing tournaments. When you contribute to a local fundraiser, you are joining a team focused on supporting our veterans. Invite your friends and families to get involved, too!

Support an Individual Veteran

Empower a veteran to translate their skills and experience to new missions here at home. Your investment of $10,000 in The Mission Continues’ Fellowship Program will help us to recruit, coach and provide a living stipend to veterans who volunteer for six months (twenty hours each week) at nonprofits across the country.

We will match you with a Fellow – sharing their story and impact with you. You will be part of a network of individuals across the country who are welcoming home our veterans with appreciation for all they have done and still want to do.