What is a Service Platoon?

In 2013, The Mission Continues introduced a new way for veterans to continue serving at home – the service platoon. A service platoon is a team of veteran and non-veteran volunteers that mobilizes together to solve a specific challenge in their community.

In Washington, D.C. a service platoon works to reduce hunger amongst inner-city youth. In Phoenix, another platoon works to eradicate chronic veteran homelessness. And in Orlando, members of the local platoon are mentoring at-risk youth.

United by the common bond of service, platoons offer veterans the opportunity to make an impact in their community, and connect with others through regular social and networking events. It’s an opportunity to serve alongside a motivated team and tackle a tough and meaningful mission. It’s an opportunity to make a difference.


Each service platoon’s mission is unique to the platoon and the challenges facing its community. Each mission is ongoing and organized around weekly, monthly, or quarterly events. Service platoons collaborate with local nonprofits, civic organizations and businesses to ensure community support and engagement. It’s a win-win for veterans and for the community.

If you have a passion for service, then you are eligible to join a platoon. Service platoons welcome veteran and non-veteran members. As a platoon member, you might spend a Saturday afternoon building houses. You could be out on the streets at midnight with your team, helping homeless veterans find shelter. You might cut new trails in a state park or spend the weekend camping at a team retreat.

You will have opportunities to take on leadership positions and learn new skills.

The best way to find out what being a platoon member is like is to sign up and try it out. You are free to come to as many events as you want. There isn’t a contract or a paycheck, just the opportunity to meet other veterans and serve your community.

Service Platoon Roles

Platoon Member

Platoon members are on the front lines of change in their community. Membership is free and open to all. Select a platoon from the list below to join a team near you.

Leadership Team

Leadership team members are logisticians, event planners, communications experts and veteran resource coordinators. Inquire within the platoon for available leadership team positions.

Platoon Leader

You’re the person people look to for direction. Platoon leaders have an intense passion for service and entrepreneurial spirit. Apply Now


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