About The Service Leadership Corps

The Mission Continues Service Leadership Corps is a six-month community-based leadership program for US Military veterans and current members of the National Guard and Reserves.

Throughout the program, Corps members will build their leadership skills alongside a national network of veterans through in-person gatherings and a virtual learning environment. Veterans will engage in learning through real-world application in partnership with a community organization, and will have opportunities to connect with each other and the community they serve.

It is the intent of the program that veterans will complete the Service Leadership Corps (SLC) with an elevated awareness and appreciation for the challenges that our country is facing in cities and communities nationwide, and that this awareness will result in an increased desire to continue in their pursuit of community-based leadership opportunities and impact.

The SLC Experience

Our vision is to empower veterans who want to develop their leadership, enhance their careers, and continue their service by providing meaningful contributions to their communities.

Community-Based Leadership: The challenging community-based leadership curriculum includes engagement in workshops, online learning, individual activities and assignments, guest speakers, and experiential learning through community service. Corps members will engage in group and individual learning throughout the program. The curriculum will include skill and knowledge building including advocacy, cultural competency, public speaking, problem solving, and assessing community specific needs.

Online Community & Cohorts: The Service Leadership Corps Program utilizes both in-person learning opportunities and a virtual community to keep corps members connected to each other. The online community will provide the corps members the chance to learn together in virtual trainings and workshops and to collaborate while being in different cities across the country between in-person sessions.

Real World Application: During the program, veterans will connect directly with community organizations and take on clearly defined projects for the organizations, working to solve a real-time challenge in their community.

Personal Growth: Corps members will build confidence and abilities in problem-solving, resiliency, and communication through a cycle of learning and application of skills. At the completion of the program, corps members will have an increased ability to identify, assess, and plan solutions to some of the biggest challenges national nonprofit partners are facing utilizing aspects of community-based leadership.

Service: Corps members will advance in the curriculum between in-person sessions while also beginning to apply their skills to real-time community challenges.

Eligibility & Selection

Corps Members must be U.S. military veterans or currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves. Veterans of all eras and branches of service are eligible. Must have one year of total military service. You must also be a U.S. resident.

We are currently accepting applications from individuals representing the 40 metro areas where The Mission Continues has operations. Click here to view the list of eligible metro areas.

How Are Corps Members Selected?

Strong applicants are ready to apply and build their skill set as community-based leaders. They are motivated to tackle a challenging and rigorous curriculum, are eager to learn, and are seeking a deeper connection to like-minded veterans. Corps members have a desire to be on the leading edge of a movement of veterans at the center of community change.

  • Impact: Desire to work in under-resourced communities
  • Growth Mindset: Eager to learn and grow
  • Commitment: Prepared to take on a rigorous six-month program
  • Leadership: Desire to lead and create change in your community
  • Resilience: Ability to persevere through tough challenges
  • Team-Oriented: Motivated to be part of a collective movement

required in-person sessions

  • Oct 19-21, 2018, Newark, NJ
  • Dec 14-16, 2018, Chicago, IL
  • Feb 8-10, 2019, Washington, DC
  • April 26-28, 2019, Atlanta, GA

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Apply to The Service Leadership Corps

Applications for the next cohort open in Spring 2019

Applicants are required to verify their military service by providing a copy of your DD-214 or NGB-22. If you have already provided The Mission Continues a copy for a different program or event application, then you do not need to resubmit either document.

''With blue shirts on, my brothers and sisters are out there working for a better chance for every citizen of this country - this is why we fight, this is why I'm still serving with The Mission Continues.''