Report for duty
in your Community
Join the Movement

Communities across the country are growing stronger because veterans are finding ways to apply their skills and leadership at home. The Mission Continues offers the opportunity for veterans and civilians to give back to their community, and become stronger citizens. It’s a collective effort that empowers veterans to serve in new ways, solve tough challenges and mobilize communities to serve alongside them.

Join The Service Leadership Corps
Take the Lead in Your Community

The Service Leadership Corps empowers veterans across the country to be community-based leaders of social change. Through the program, Corps members will develop new skills for job-readiness, build new personal and professional networks, and help lift underserved communities. Veterans of all eras and branches of service are eligible. Previous fellowship applicants and fellowship alumni are welcome to apply.

Serve With a Platoon
Serve on a Team in Your Community

Service platoons are teams of veteran and non-veteran volunteers that mobilize together to solve a specific challenge in their community. Through weekly, monthly and quarterly events, service platoons allow members to volunteer as often as their schedules allow. Platoons are currently serving and forming in cities across the country.

Volunteer for a
Service Mission
Join With Others for a Day of Service

There is no better way to bring a community together than by enabling them to serve alongside one another. Service missions are single or multi-day projects that allow veterans and civilians to serve together. Volunteers at a service mission may build a playground in an under-resourced community, plant a community garden or renovate a school that serves at-risk youth.

Serve With Us at a Mass Deployment
Deploy With a Team of Veteran Volunteers

Our Mass Deployments mobilize a team of veteran volunteers from across the country to serve in a single city over the course of a week-long operation. These operations deploy our veteran force alongside local partners and volunteers to tackle daily service projects that support long-term community revitalization efforts. The days are long, the work is hard, and the experience is sure to be the most rewarding you have all year.

Attend the Women Veterans Leadership Summit
Connect With A National Network of Women Veterans

Each spring 50-75 women veterans in The Mission Continues network are selected to attend the annual Women Veterans Leadership Summit. Participants empower each other by sharing insights, challenges, and the wisdom that comes with being “in the trenches” of service and business. The summit offers a schedule packed with workshops, volunteer service, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for women veterans to connect, learn and grow, and make an impact in the community.