Changing the Conversation Through Service

The Mission Continues is committed to changing the national conversation around veterans. We believe veterans are assets, and through their continued service, they can create better transitions, and build stronger communities.
Their stories also have the power to inspire change. National, local, and digital media outlets including TIME, The Daily Beast, The New York Times, MSNBC, Fox News, and The Huffington Post have shared the stories of our Fellows, Platoons, and volunteers.

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A 40 Year Journey for Unity in My Childhood Community

Today’s children in Homewood learn about Black History Month in school just as I did almost 40 years ago. But this time, I hope they know they can see an African American leader right here in the present, in their neighborhood, someone they can look up to and identify with. Black History Month is an opportunity to for these young students to celebrate not just the accomplishments of their forefathers and their history, but also of themselves and where they’re from, because Homewood’s history is Black history.

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I Felt Like Myself Again at Mass Deployment

I craved to feel useful and belong to something bigger than myself — something designed to tangibly help the vulnerable. The experience of a Mission Continues Mass Deployment has been life-changing. The most enjoyable part was serving alongside other veterans, each with their own struggle, but all of us with the same heart—to continue to serve our country. The best part of my recovery has been through the friendship of other like-minded veterans. I found them, en masse, during OWS.

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