The Mission Continues empowers veterans and communities to unify under a common mission, and today that mission is Earth Day. Veterans are motivated to serve, and some say it’s because we still care about the land – and the people – we once fought to protect.

The Mission Continues is taking action on Earth Day by holding service events throughout the country that help our communities conserve the environment and provide sustainable solutions to local challenges. Throughout the year, #RootedinService veterans support urban agriculture, national parks, rainwater collection, environmental education, and more. Earth Day is our chance to bring these efforts to the fore and galvanize even more support for long-term impact.

Many veterans care deeply about preserving our country’s great outdoors, especially as spending time in nature can help ease the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. But even more pressingly — securing our nation’s future. We’ve seen firsthand what happens when our national security is threatened, as many of us were sent to the frontlines. Knowing that climate change has the power to threaten our national security, international peace, and global stability, it is imperative that we address climate change head on.

Most unfortunately, we are already seeing that burden of climate change is most keenly felt by underresourced communities. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria are examples of natural disaster that are made worse by climate change — and as we were aiding in recovery (and are still rebuilding in Houston and Miami), it was impossible to ignore the devastation exacted upon already-disadvantaged neighborhoods.

So, to fortify our country from the ground-up, The Mission Continues is growing a movement of veteran leaders and connecting them with communities to create impactful solutions that can weather any storm. It starts with service-minded people like you. Here at home. Today. And tomorrow. And the day after. We are — and will remain — #RootedinService.