Get #RootedinService for Earth Day!

Nearly 50 years ago, a small group of dedicated activists organized a series of events to encourage and invest in protecting the environment. In parks, neighborhoods, shorelines and forests, communities came together to take action to reverse damage done by pollution to our beaches, soil, and air.

In 2018, The Mission Continues veterans and volunteers came together at more than 30 Earth Day projects in under-resourced communities across the country. We’re redoubling those efforts from coast to coast in 2019 with targeted projects to maximize impact on conservation and clean up where it’s most needed.

Earth Day helps remind us what we sow in our earth will take root, each thing we do can help or hurt our home in many ways. We believe through veteran-led service and collective action in our local communities, we can take an important step to protect our future generation from living in a world beyond repair.