The post-9/11 generation includes the highest percentage of women veterans in American history. Despite the Combat Exclusion Policy in place until early 2013, these women veterans are significantly more likely to have experienced combat compared with women who served in prior eras. They are also younger and more diverse than their male peers.

These women veterans are also participating in The Mission Continues programs at high rates – 34% of Mission Continues Fellows are women veterans, as are 31% of service platoon members. In an effort to understand the reasons for this high rate of participation, The Mission Continues commissioned a study of female veterans in our programs. The results shed light on a generation of women who are proud of their service yet encountered challenges and obstacles unique of their male peers. The findings also underscore the importance of strengthening communities here at home.

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Rose Feroah
Christina Finley
Vanessa Thomas
Peggy Schnack
Shannon Doty
Majken Geiman
Stacy Munn
Jessica Herring
Vanessa Davids
Rhonda Schlumpberger
Courtney Sloat
Johanna Ciezczak
Mary Beth Bruggeman
Tonya Cook
Kim McGraw
Brandi Peasley
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Our Research

We’ve done extensive research and surveys about women veterans, including a qualitative study of these women veterans’ military, reintegration and civic service experiences. This paper explores women veterans’ reintegration into civilian life with a focus on their perspectives and personal experiences during and after military service. Download it here

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