June 10, 2016

Last year we teamed up with Partnership for L.A. Schools (PLAS) to help youth in underprivileged neighborhoods. The Mission Continues was recently recognized for this work as “Community Partner of The Year,” a distinction given to a PLAS partner who “passionately and generously works to develop and strengthen the school community.” The award was given at the Up Awards, which are hosted by PLAS annually to honor parents, teachers, and leaders in the community that support PLAS Schools.


The Mission Continues 2nd and 3rd Service Platoons in LA served in the Boyle Heights and Watts communities, respectively. Platoon Leaders Richard Krykew and Majken Geiman have lead the way in both leadership and heart to make this partnership flourish.

IMG_0177 IMG_0142

One of the most memorable projects took place at Ritter Elementary. Ritter Elementary did not have any grass on their soccer field, so the platoon painted it on. They also painted murals, removed hazardous waste, installed outdoor classrooms, and provided shade-making structures to the outdoor cafeterias.

City Impact Manager Allison Bailey said that the experience working with these schools has been positive. During a similar project at Gompers Middle School, she said, “We had so many kids show up we didn’t know what to do with them! They did adult jobs well, and seeing them take pride in their school was really cool.”

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