As a young first lieutenant, I led a company of Marines into Iraq in March 2003. Our mission was to prepare a hasty airfield that would supply fuel and ammunition to the Marines in the thick of the fighting. It was the culmination of years of education and relentless training, and everything I had prepared for up to that moment in my life.  

Years later, the time came to transition off of active duty. On that final day as an active duty Marine, I folded up my uniform for the last time, tucked it away in my closet and felt an emptiness that swallowed me whole. I was cut off from my tribe, and I felt like all of my potential suddenly lacked direction or momentum.  

At The Mission Continues, we are deeply convinced that veterans possess the drive and desire to serve others. But without access to the tools needed to continue serving, their potential to make meaningful impact at the local level remains untapped.  

The Mission Continues has a solution, and we need your support to make it possible.  

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Over the next three years, we will empower 1,000+ veteran leaders, mobilize 70,000 volunteers in service, and positively influence millions of people in communities nationwide. Community and veteran side by side, revitalizing a neighborhood or refurbishing a school—this is the power of The Mission Continues. By inspiring collective action, we can help break down barriers and build stronger communities. I’ve seen this model work in community after community and it will guide our journey over the next three years.  

Mary Beth (second from right) alongside Service Platoon Leaders and staff at the 2017 Service Platoon Summit in Chicago, IL. 

This same spirit of service will also guide my journey at the helm of The Mission Continues. Since 2015, my mission has continued as a regional leader and most recently as our Vice President of Programs. This month I will succeed my friend and mentor Spencer Kympton as President of The Mission Continues. I’m inspired by this new chapter for The Mission Continues, and I’m excited about our clear vision through 2021 that together will propel us into the next phase of veteran and community service.

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By donating today, you’re creating an opportunity for veterans to discover new possibilities as leaders, and for communities to see veterans in a new light—not as superheroes, but as fellow Americans coming together around a common higher purpose. We raised our hands to serve our country, and our country still needs us. With your support, we can ensure all veterans with a desire to continue their service have an opportunity to join this movement.

Yours In Service, 

Mary Beth Bruggeman
President, The Mission Continues