August 28, 2015


Eight years ago this month, we put forth an idea: service to the nation, and to our communities, doesn’t end with a separation letter from the military. It doesn’t fade out at a retirement ceremony, and it certainly is not finished when wounds lead to an early exit.

Once you swear an oath to join the military, service is in your blood, and it’s in there for life.

Our friends at Task and Purpose and Team Rubicon agree. That’s why we’re coming together to ask veterans and nonveterans alike to take a Second Oath—a promise to actively engage your community and country.

The power of service to others comes from individuals massing a collective force for good.

The volunteers at Team Rubicon deploy people and resources in disaster relief worldwide. The scribes at Task and Purpose create a dialogue between civil society and the folks who serve them. At The Mission Continues, we bring veterans and community members together to solve pressing issues at home while inspiring the next generation to find their own ways to serve.

Besides good looks, we all harness a singular power: the individual’s ability to impact the group.

And that’s why we’re asking you to join us, take a Second Oath, and get back to the vital work of serving the common good. See you out there.