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A Last Salute: Reflections from the Fellowship Program

August 17, 2018

Now that our final class — Alpha 2018 — of fellows have completed their term of service, we’d like to reflect on the legacy of fellows throughout the program’s 11 years. Here are a few fellow alumni from across the country on where they are now and what the fellowship meant to their personal growth and professional leadership.…

In Pittsburgh, the Story of How I Made My Veteran Identity Meaningful

March 29, 2018
By Patricia Gerhauser, Platoon Leader

Patricia Gerhauser is a Navy veteran and Mission Continues rockstar. She is not only a fellowship alumna, but is supervising a current fellow, and platoon leader for the Hazelwood Platoon in Pittsburgh, Pa. Patricia was recently selected to attend this year’s Women Veterans Leadership Summit. Read her story to get to know one of our kickass attendees.

Boeing and The Mission Continues Empower Veterans to Soar

November 3, 2017

The morning of September 9th, at East Capitol Urban Farm in Washington D.C. was EJ Delpero’s time to shine. He had prepared for this moment for over a year.

During EJ’s six-month fellowship with The Mission Continues and subsequent tenure as a service platoon leader, he was able to translate his military leadership skills into civilian contexts.

Now as a seasoned volunteer for The Mission Continues, he and his teammates stepped up to the plate this fall when they were

I’m a Student, Scientist, and a Warrior

March 3, 2017
By David Riera, Fellow

The Everglades National Park is my home, both figuratively and literally. As a budding ecologist, environmental educator and advocate, I fervently believe that this unique ecosystem represents more than a biological stronghold. And even though the Everglades’ luster has been tarnished by human activities, my students, peers, fellow veterans, and I still believe it is one of the crowning jewels of this planet.

As a first-generation Floridian, I grew up throughout Miami-Dade County, and moved around

The Three Ways Student Veterans Can Succeed

May 14, 2015

Marlowe Dickerson

We called it Combat Outpost 569, a bare patrol base in Iraq’s Anbar Province, but it was really home for my Marine infantry unit. The outpost had what you’d expect: stockpiles of ammunition, food rations and torn magazines from back home.

One thing stuck out, though: a math book to practice algebra between missions.

I was eager to begin a new life as a student after four years and three deployments. My buddies and I spoke eagerly about plans for our education at COP 579, and how school would be a welcome change after spending our early twenties at war.

Service Member to Student: Breaking Down the Barriers

August 29, 2014
Chris Merkle

Chris Merkle is United States Marine Corps veteran and Mission Continues Fellow. In this post, he reflects on how engaging in campus activities enriched his life as a student veteran.

I enlisted in the military when I was 17-years old. I served for 14 years in the Marine Corps, two years in the Army Reserve and spent an additional five to six years overseas security contracting. To say I was “still institutionalized” when I got out of the …

Service Member to Student: How I Learned to Love Life on Campus

August 27, 2014

Kristina Catuiza

My first semester at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles was a challenge for me. My grades didn’t suffer, but I had anxiety. My car became the place I spent breaks, had lunch and studied. I became anti-social and secluded myself from anything that was outside my comfort zone. It wasn’t until I found the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) and joined the Student Veterans Association (SVA) on campus that I began to feel more comfortable on campus.

A Message to Student Veterans: Never Stop Serving

August 25, 2014
Barry Mattson

Barry Mattson is a veteran of the US Air Force and the US Army, with a combat deployment to Iraq in each service. He is now the Regional Director at The Mission Continues, Houston office, where his passion for fighting poverty is matched with his appreciation for veterans.

In this post, Barry answers the question “How can our nation ensure that veterans don’t need to return to the military in order to find a meaningful sense of purpose?”