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You Are Never Too Far Gone to Make it Back Again

May 23, 2018
By Luke Merideth, Fellow

I have been a medic, a nurse, an electrician, a drug dealer and a chaplain. That last career change was, of course, the most substantial. This is the story of how I overcame drug addiction and am now helping others do the same.

I don’t remember a time when my mother was not on drugs, and I do remember being hungrier than I should have been. Though my mother struggled, she taught my siblings and me …

The Hardest Lesson I had to Unlearn

November 22, 2017
By Jacob Wehr, Fellow Alum

It was a cold wintery morning in Fort Benning, Georgia. I had just gotten done with my turn shooting when the Drill Sergeant came up to me and ordered, “Clear your weapon and leave it pointed down range, then head over and eat breakfast, be back in 20 minutes.”

Why Data Matters

October 9, 2014
Oliver Gould

Dozens of Mission Continues Platoon Members formed up into teams and spread out across back alleys in the early morning darkness. Flashlight beams picked out shoes and lumpy sleeping bags poking out from behind dumpsters and under piles of debris. On closer inspection these dark forms became homeless men and women, many of them veterans, camped out on the back streets of Phoenix. The Platoon Members surveyed them one by one, learning about their needs so that a