August 14, 2018

Summer is a busy time here at The Mission Continues. With high impact service events taking place across the country our teams are hard at work making sure everything goes smoothly both on the ground, and behind the scenes.  

This summer, our team includes 5 interns who are experiencing first hand exactly what it takes to make all of this come together.

They are rocking it this summer, and we want you to meet them!

Meet Jade

Research and Evaluation Intern

Jade Dill

Jade is our rock star research and evaluation intern in our Chicago office. Jade spends her days reading over reports and developing new ones from survey responses participants send in after an event.

Jade chose this internship hoping to gain some practical experience in data analysis and statistical software that will help propel her into a career as an education policy analyst.

When asked what her favorite thing about the internship has been, Jade said, “My favorite thing about this internship is that I actually feel included and my opinions are heard.” She feels that “The Mission Continues is unique because it’s an organization that is looking to grow to be better, rather than stay the same.”

Meet Kristle

External Affairs Intern

Middle is Kristle Helmuth, veteran.

Kristle is our awesome communications intern, her day to day tasks include creating graphics for our national service campaigns, creating printable media that can be used to share our events, and working behind the scenes to develop and maintain best practices for storing and utilizing media across teams.

Kristle said, “This internship directly aligns with my career goals, as I hope to pursue a career in communications and brand management. My preference is nonprofit, as I am passionate about sharing the story of those making a difference in the lives of others.”

Meet David

Southeast Region Intern

David Keener, veteran.

David is our incredible regional operations intern for the Southeast Region. He works with the city impact managers and executive director to establish and maintain relationships in several cities, collaborate on multi-organizational projects, and engage veterans in high impact service in their community.

David played a huge role in ensuring that all logistical details for this year’s summer service slam were taken care of, from travel arrangements, to room assignments, and reimbursements. Any question you had, David was your go-to guy.

When asked what he felt made The Mission Continues a unique place for an internship, he said, “They’re focused on the mission and the people within it. They utilize every aspect of the veterans including their code of honor, work ethic, and the camaraderie. They don’t attempt to mold veterans into civilians (or vice versa). They seek to help them work together and adapt their skills and mindsets to complete a task.”

Meet Yoni

Northeast Region Intern

Yoni Auerbach

Yoni is our phenomenal regional operations intern for the Northeast Region. He is working with our city impact managers and platoon leaders to engage veterans on major service campaigns across the region, track the impact being made using various data management platforms, and share the story of the work we do.  

When asked how this internship aligns with his goals, he was excited to say, “This internship offers me an immediate opportunity to help others, fulfilling the goal I value most, while also allowing me to develop a range of skills and relationships that will further my academic and professional growth.”  

Meet Jessica

Midwest Region Intern

Jessica Clutchey

Jessica is our amazing regional operations intern for the Midwest Region. She spends her days behind the scenes, working on logistics like travel arrangements, meals, and room assignments for major events, such as the Midwest Summer Service Slam in Kansas City.

Jessica has always been passionate about working with veterans, and wants to continue working with them throughout her career. She had some amazing things to say about the Service Platoon Program and the work they are doing. “I’ve done volunteer work my whole life, but working with veterans who flew in from all over the country was amazing.  We got every single thing on the list done, and you could really see the difference when we walked away. No one knew each other at first but by the end of the day, we were family.”

We wish each of our interns the best of luck as they finish their summer with us, and work toward achieving their goals!