August 8, 2014

We invite alumni of The Mission Continues Fellowship Program to speak at each pre-fellowship orientation. Fellow Alumna Brandy Baxter addressed the newest class of Mission Continues Fellows at their orientation in May of 2014. 

Brandy Baxter 1

“My Mission Continues Fellowship partnered me with a non-profit organization that teaches financial education to families with limited financial resources.  I had started teaching financial classes at our last duty station, so this was a perfect match for me.

Brandy Baxter 2

“The irony was that I was doing something I loved to do and it was not a burden to me.

Brandy Baxter 3

Once again, I was starting to feel like I was a part of something bigger than me.  Not only did my Mission Continues Fellowship open the door for me to work with this non-profit organization, it gave me an opportunity to earn more than 75% of the required hours for my certification as a financial counselor. Most importantly, my fellowship allowed me to serve in a way that had a lasting impact on the families I worked with.”