October 29, 2014
Dr. Libby O’Connell

Dr. Libby O’Connell is the Chief Historian and Senior Vice President of Corporate Outreach for History Channel. History Channel is proud supporter of The Mission Continues and a Gold Sponsor for the 5th Annual Veterans Day Gala on Saturday, November 1st in St. Louis, Missouri. In this post, she reflects with gratitude on the men and women who are returning home from war and building a positive legacy of service for future generations to follow. 

At History Channel one of our recent taglines is “History Made Every Day.” To me, this phrase has two meanings. Sometimes people tend to enshrine “history” as a set of epic events that happened in the distant past. By thinking of history as actually “Made Every Day” we can instead see how the world we live in has been made by flesh and blood individuals, not just by leaders but also by ordinary people who helped create engines of change. Everyday inventors, soldiers, nurses, and countless others have shaped history through seemingly simple acts like registering to vote at a time when not all Americans were afforded that right. The second meaning of “History Made Every Day” is to imagine that each day in history has the potential to shape the future.

This theme, along with themes of service and sacrifice, are the through lines of history that we can return to again and again. When we look back on the past we see that it is often a set of simple acts that have added up to broader change. This is why History Channel is so proud to support The Mission Continues. All across the country, day after day, the people of The Mission Continues help shape the future through their service to our communities. Many of these men and women have already given enormously through their service in uniform, yet they continue this commitment by helping our communities thrive, by putting the pieces back together after a crisis, and by sharing knowledge and skills with people of all ages.  All of us at History Channel could not be more honored to be associated with The Mission Continues and we salute your efforts- you all are truly making History every day.


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Earlier this year, History Channel invited veterans and staff from The Mission Continues to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl XLVIII.