October 12, 2017
By Alex and Celene, Mission Continues Supporters

Following the devastation Houston experienced by Hurricane Harvey, we asked ourselves the question: If we went, would our help make an impact? The answer was yes.

Even though there was only so much the two of us could do, we thought, if the effort was multiplied by many volunteers, the results would be greater. So we traveled to Houston from New York and with the guidance of The Mission Continues, participated in service projects where many people had gathered to volunteer.

We know that it takes all different kinds of support to have a community like this thrive. While we are not fellows, platoon leaders or even military veterans, we still feel the call to serve by contributing what we can. We felt the call to serve in Houston, and for us, the best way to do that was with veterans at the helm.

We were able to find projects at shelters, food distribution centers, makeshift community centers and a school. We were continually amazed by the generosity of individuals and the resilience of those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

One of the projects we attended brought together all five Houston Service Platoons. The combined energy was contagious.

Of course, it’s almost to be expected. Each time we’ve worked with service platoons on a project it’s been like a mini-mission with a clear set of objectives. It’s amazing to see the energy and the skills that volunteers deploy when working together.

As supporters of The Mission Continues, we were first drawn by the fellowship program. We had an immediate interest in the important work they were doing to unite veterans, provide service in communities, and support veterans’ individual growth through personal and professional opportunities.

After meeting the veterans who volunteer and the staff who support them, we knew this was a strong community, and that The Mission Continues was meeting a real need. It is important to us to give our support and attend service projects when we can.

Houston has a long road to recovery, and our experience has reminded us that volunteering, whether in Houston or anywhere, can make an impact. It is evident that recovery projects will be needed here for a long time, but Houston is lucky to have veterans in the Mission Continues platoons on a mission to help rebuild.

So if you ever find yourself asking, “How can I help? And will I actually make an impact?” you should remember that you can always volunteer, and yes, your effort can make an impact.

In fact, this weekend there will be a large service project in Houston to welcome new fellows and platoon leaders, and you are invited to join. It’s a great introduction to what The Mission Continues is all about and a good way to help the ongoing Houston recovery efforts.

Charlie Mike,
Alex and Celene


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