June 13, 2016
By Rhonda Schlumpberger, Fellow


Passion is the act of having a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. We hear this word used often in today’s culture: “I’m passionate about rock climbing, music, photography, riding horses, cooking, travel….” The list is endless.

But what about a passion for serving?

Those who gather under the banner of The Mission Continues desire to serve people—and causes—that are greater than themselves. Passionately.

Some might say we come by this compulsion naturally. Others would argue we gained our appreciation from military service. Whatever the case, collectively, fellows have an opportunity to impact the lives of thousands during our fellowships. That’s a great goal. Admirable even. But impacting positively the life of just one would be worth every moment of each day in any one of our nonprofits.

I’m serving in a pregnancy care center where I work alongside those who wrap their arms around our community’s most vulnerable people—those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Without our services that include mentoring, abundant free resources, and childbirth and parenting classes, many of our clients would lack what they need to care for their new families. For them, life has taken an unexpected turn, but in our community, clients know we’re here to share an uncommon touch of compassion and support.

Our role is to offer hope one client at a time, and no matter where that client is, we meet them there. As a result, last year, our center welcomed 64 new lives. Sixty-four individuals who may someday be military leaders, factory workers or farmers, CEOs or politicians!

I believe in the work we do, as well as the work of nonprofits in general, because our roles fill gaps in communities that would otherwise go unmet. Through the passion and know-how of professionals and volunteers, our communities are made stronger when we come together to care for the needs of others.


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