August 14, 2015


When we launched the Service Platoon Program in 2013, we envisioned teams of veterans coming together to solve some of the biggest challenges in the community.

From environmental stewardship in San Diego to mentoring kids through fitness in Washington DC, our platoons have settled into communities, developed strong local bonds and have committed to transformative changes in the years to come.

For the past two years, we’ve grown—and grown fast. We now have 52 service platoons across the nation with about 4,000 active veteran volunteers.

The members of those communities, for the first time, can play an even more active role in our platoon missions.

Today, we’ve opened up all service platoons to include anyone interested in strengthening their community—veterans and non-veterans alike. In the past, non-veterans were auxiliary members in support of veterans. Now they can be official members of our platoons, and we’re proud to welcome them aboard.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to reigniting a passion of purpose and mission in the veterans we serve. That can only be done when the community stands right there with them.

After today, we see little that distinguishes veterans and non-veteran volunteers. We’d rather focus on what unites us—a passion for positive change and impact. So let’s get to work.

Want to help drive change in your community? Sign up for a service platoon.