August 3, 2018
By Amy Sullivan, Supporter

August 11, 2018 will be the 6th Annual Sully Memorial, an annual golf tournament at Tapawingo National Golf Course, held in memory of Chief Petty Officer Sean Patrick Sullivan. The tournament gives its proceeds to veterans.

(We have player spots available and welcome donations anytime!)

I first heard about The Mission Continues through my work, as I participated in our United Way annual campaigns and attended a sponsored Veteran’s Day breakfast. I was so excited to learn that there was a local support program for my then active-duty husband, Sean.

He had always been passionate about supporting each community in which we lived. And, often coordinated volunteer events himself with his military peers. There was also the appealing prospect of staying connected with the military community post-retirement – which was just a few short years away for him.

Sean Patrick Sullivan

Unfortunately, my husband never got the chance to participate with The Mission Continues and passed away while on active-duty.

We – myself, friends and family – were eager to do something to honor his memory. We decided to host an annual golf tournament with the proceeds given to veteran support. Knowing how Sean felt about community and connection, The Mission Continues was the ideal organization with which to partner.

This year we will host our 6th Annual Sully Memorial. Friends and family have traveled to St. Louis from all over the country, and sometimes overseas, to participate in the golf tournament. We are so grateful for all of the volunteers and local sponsors and donations from the community that make the event possible.

The Annual Sully Memorial golf tournament

It is a time to remember, reflect and celebrate. There are somber moments, but there is much more laughter. Sean always said, “Live every day like it’s your last.” And we take this event to do just that. Creating memories together. Just the way he would have wanted.