April 1, 2015

We’re happy to announce The Mission Continues is counted among the nation’s leading non-profit organizations for the annual NonProfit Times’ Best Places to Work in 2015.

“This is our fourth time in a row making the list, and we’re proud of what the ranking says about our team,” said The Mission Continues President and Army veteran Spencer Kympton. “We’ve known from the beginning that to deliver on our promise to empower veterans, we’ve got to have a strong and dynamic team.”

Every year, the NonProfit Times takes the pulse of top non-profits to gauge an organization’s culture, policies, benefits and more. One reoccurring theme from this year’s evaluation: the values and mission of the organization matter, even more than salary or perks. For small organizations, those with less than 49 employees, The Mission Continues rose seven spots to #15. We clocked in at #20 amongst all non-profits.

Our mission is clear: we empower veterans to serve in new ways by leveraging their skills and experience right here at home. Through our programs, veterans are better equipped to navigate the challenge of reintegrating back into society after military service. And it happens by bettering the communities in which they live.

Our core values play a big part in how we accomplish that mission.

“We own and embody five core values: work hard, trust, learn & grow, respect, and have fun. They are guideposts for how we act, how we improve and how we succeed,” Spencer said. “They are foundational for our team and our mission. Because our values are such a large part of our culture, veterans ultimately benefit.”

The team at The Mission Continues is pleased to see a four-peat in the rankings, but we’re energized because our work changes lives and shapes communities.

The team tackles every mission with enthusiasm because we understand one thing: as we grow, it becomes more critical to collaborate and innovate with our great network of veterans, sponsors, donors and supporters. As our men and women leave the military and look to what’s next, we must ensure the potential for our newest veterans is fully realized.

Does The Mission Continues sound like a place you want to work? We’re hiring.