April 26, 2016

On Saturday April 2nd, we had the opportunity to sit down with Tony Horton to share why he chose to supports service members and veterans through Beachbody’s all-new 22 Minute Hard Corps program.

Tony Horton’s passion for our military didn’t just start with his 22 Minute Hard Corps workout or even the P90X workout – in fact, it began way before he even started his fitness career. Tony was the son of a military service member, and spent years moving around the country, gaining an appreciation for the work our service members do in their communities and around the world.

Tony told us, “the beginning was my father. It was all really because of him.” His father’s commitment to serving built the foundation for his support of the military, veterans, and The Mission Continues, for whom through the launch of his new fitness program 22 Minute Hard Corps, he has helped raise over 600k since March 1st.

Tony’s reconnection to service came during his work with Beachbody, when he heard that military bases were doing P90X, and was invited to meet General Shepro and 400 service members at the Andrews Air Force Base. During his visit, Tony said, “It was awesome to see the commitment that everybody had.”

This first experience inspired another visit, and then another. Now, Tony has been to 47 bases domestically and abroad, from Kosovo to South Korea.

Reminiscing on those visits, Tony recalls his trips to Okinawa, Nellis and Hawaii, where he had several flying experiences and couldn’t keep his lunch down! Tony laughs, “It was awesome yet awful.” He was also introduced to challenge coins, and enjoys growing his collection.

Because of Beachbody’s long-time involvement with active duty members and veterans, Tony said, “we thought, maybe it’s about time to make a bootcamp style program.” Tony took the lead in creating what is now the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout with Beachbody’s CEO, Carl Daikeler.

For Tony, being able to raise funds for The Mission Continues and ultimately funding over 60 veterans’ fellowships, is immensely rewarding. Tony beamed, “you have an idea and that idea turns into something so spectacular, it’s pretty amazing.”

Tony holds dear the notion that changing people’s lives starts with understanding “the power of good behavior.” Getting people off the couch and taking care of themselves can change their life. For some, exercising and eating well sparks improvements in their personal and professional lives. Tony explained, to be able to fully participate in life, people need to make a jump and commit to something challenging. Making a decision to do something different is key.

Tony said, “It’s not about ‘us,’ it’s about ‘we,’ and collectively we can make some great changes. When you change behavior, things get done.” For the veterans we serve at The Mission Continues, that decision to challenge oneself and renew one’s commitment to serve comes in the form of the Fellowships or the Service Platoons.

Tony sees this as a beautiful application of his philosophy and as a great opportunity for Beachbody to support veterans in a productive way. As a proud supporter of those on active duty and veterans, Tony wanted to make a stronger connection between everyday people and veterans by translating the public’s sentiment into real impact through the partnership between Beachbody and The Mission Continues. The partnership has brought more than just the opportunity for veterans to serve in the community but has also helped share stories about how veterans are continuing to give back across the country.


Report for duty in your community with The Mission Continues. Serve with a Service Platoon at an upcoming service event near you or apply for a fellowship. You can learn more about our programs on our website and stay updated on the latest news and announcements on Facebook and twitter.