Twin Cities 1st Platoon has focused its efforts on supporting local non-profits as they have seen an increased demand for veteran housing and employment services. The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MAC-V) is one of these organizations. MAC-V’s mission is to “provide assistance throughout Minnesota to positively motivate veterans and their families who are homeless or experiencing other life crises”. MAC-V accomplishes its mission by providing services directly or in collaboration with other service agencies. Around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, MAC-V operates over a dozen residential properties to provide transitional housing for veterans as they receive wrap around services. These properties are currently full and have a waiting list. They are also getting older and in need of repair.

Twin Cities 1st is working these MAC-V properties, not only to increase their capacity, but also provide critical repairs and beautification efforts.

The Twin Cities 1st Service Platoon has held over 66 individual events and dedicated over 3175 service hours since its founding.

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