The Bronx Service Platoon, sponsored by Citi Foundation, is working to build a sense of pride and ownership for the members of the Bronx community through neighborhood beautification and the arts. The Platoon works with Dreamyard and BronxPro to create creative green spaces, develop art exhibits with local artists, and build art installations in Community District 5.

In addition to the beautification work the Bronx Platoon has completed, we've partnered with Center for Court Innovation and Patterson Houses to help execute Mayor Bill de Blasio's Mayor's Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety aimed towards reducing violent crime, reducing victimization, and helping residents feel safer.

The Mission Continues Bronx Platoon is working with these partner organizations and influencers to re-imagine and reinvent spaces and places in the South Bronx to strengthen connection between the people and places they share to support an evolution of what the Bronx communities are known for.

Join us as we beautify the South Bronx!

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