The Colorado Springs 1st Service Platoon is focused on parks and recreation within the Colorado Springs community for their multi-year operation. Currently our focus is Palmer Park, Florissant Fossil Beds, and Panorama Park.

Palmer Park is located in the heart of the Colorado Springs community and is filled with different types of geologic formations, scenic overlooks of Pikes Peak, open fields, and geologic points of interest. With over 730.7 acres and 2 Park Rangers it has been detrimental since 2016 that the Platoon continues to support the Rangers with revitalization efforts and to keep up with park maintenance. In collaboration with Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services and Guardians of Palmer Park (GOPP), we are currently revitalizing the Youth Camp and The Meadows areas of Palmer Park.

Florissant Fossil Beds is the nearest National Park to the Colorado Springs area, home to the Petrified redwood stumps up to 14 feet wide and thousands of detailed fossils of insects and plants reveal the story of a very different, prehistoric Colorado. Since 2016, the Platoon has invested in our National Park collecting and harvesting seeds, trail work, and other seasonal maintenance and events. In collaboration with National Park Service and National Park Conservation Association we will continue our seasonal maintenance of the park and support national events.

Panorama Park is a 13.5-acre neighborhood park located in the vicinity of Panorama Middle School. The park renovation project aims to: Provide a safe, accessible, quality community destination park within a 10-minute walk for many Southeast residents; Add new features based upon community driven needs; Replace aging equipment; Utilize recognized expert partners to advance a resident-led engagement and creative process; Re-envision the park to address limited opportunities for play and hazardous conditions. In Collaboration with Trust for Public Land (TPL), Southeast Colorado Springs RISE Coalition (RISE); Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services; and El Paso County Public Health we will continue working with the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) making plans for the renovation of Panorama Park.

Please come out, bring your family & friends, and join us as we help to reinvigorate and beautify our community!

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