The 2nd Platoon of Chicago is dedicated to youth safety and violence prevention. Chicago suffers with high rates of violent crimes throughout various neighborhoods. Within the city of Chicago, homicide is the leading cause of death for African American and Latino males aged 15-24. In 2017 Chicago has seen 3,467 victims of gun violence and a death toll of 662 (Chicago Tribune).

The Mission Continues 2nd Platoon of Chicago will dedicate efforts to lower the factors that contribute to youth violence. Our focus is to support agency and institutional programs that directly address community violence and at-risk youth.

In 2015, 2nd Platoon worked to rehab a vacant building to be purposed as a community child care center in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, supported the Chicago Park District in refurbishing an obstacle course on the south side, Washington Park grounds and most recently, the platoon has worked with a local agency to build a community garden dedicated to the service of families suffering with domestic violence in the Woodlawn neighborhood. We will continue to deploy our platoon members as we work to lower youth violence.

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