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A.J. McClung YMCA "Community Food Intake" Planning Session

July 16, 2020 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Google Hangouts

TMC Columbus, Ga 1st Service Platoon
Columbus, GA

Contact :

LaKesha Stringer
(706) 562-4992
Great Day, Family!

We will be discussing the best way to execute our event with the AJ McClung YMCA on 25 JUL 20. Due to the heat, Volunteer intake and breakfast will begin at 7a. The food intake will begin at 8a until 11a.

This event is going to be AMAZING!

In order to protect everyone, we will be wearing masks, gloves, closed toe shoes, bandannas (we will choose a color as a Team), TMC shirt (long sleeves optional), pants or shorts (optional). If you can think of any other protective gear needed, please let us know on this call.

Our "Why?" for this event:

The Mission Continues is proud to launch OPERATION NOURISH—an initiative that prioritizes veterans' mental health by mobilizing them in service of combating food insecurity.

*Mr. Peabody, Director of the historical AJ McClung YMCA, has been giving care packages of food to families that are experiencing food insecurity well before the pandemic. It is necessary that we aid our Community Partner in their mission of Food Justice the most imminent and effective way possible.

With school beginning in August, this event is NECESSARY. During the upcoming school year more children will be attending the "Y" while their parents are working. We will need to take in a great deal of food for the children and families that are battling food insecurity.


What To Wear :

TMC Shirt or Comfortable Clothing with some form of leg coverings. ;-)

What To Bring :

Ideas, Passion, You (Family Optional), Your Imagination, Your Drive, You and That "Thing" That Makes You Special!!!!!

Parking :


Inclement Weather Plan :

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