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Virtual Earth Day Garden Event

April 22, 2020 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Virtual Garden

Dallas, TX

Contact :

Corena Mitchell
(214) 606-9062
Do you have a green thumb? Do you want to "grow one" and give back to your community during this time when you can't get out and physically help?

Dallas 1st Platoon will purchase a kit and send it to you which you can set up in your home and grow a veggie over the next 6-8 weeks. We will then donate all the produce to Oak Cliff Veggie Project!

Gardening reminds us of our connection to nature, and helps us focus on the bigger picture, which can alleviate symptoms of depression. Also, the physical aspect of gardening releases feel-good chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine. Finally, working with soil makes us happier and we need something right now that will help us be happier.

We will be using our Dallas Facebook page to communicate your progress and show pictures of your veggie, ask questions, and share tips. Each volunteer will be ask to sign up with our FB page. If you do not have FB and want to participate you still can we will ask you correspond your updates so we can post the pics, questions or tips on our FB page.

What To Wear :

Comfortable clothing for gardening, whatever you want.

What To Bring :

Positive attitude, green thumb and advice for us without a green thumb.

Parking :

At your home.

Inclement Weather Plan :

Work around the weather if you plan on doing outside.