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Project Playhouse Blitz Build

with the Killeen Platoon

March 21, 2020 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity

2601 Atkinson Ave
Killeen, TX 76549

Contact :

Anthony Martinez
(254) 383-9492
Please join The Mission Continues' (TMC) Killeen 1st Service Platoon and American Veterans Mission (AVM) in our first annual Project Blitz Build in partnership with the Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity (FHAHFH). Your support and participation in this project will build a blessing in a child's life and give them a place and imagine what home means to them.

As one of the event's sponsors, in partnership with the Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity and American Veterans Mission, we are looking for some volunteers to fill our ranks in building a playhouse on Blitz Build day on March 21st. Please sign up to volunteer with TMC/AVM through this website.

Please do NOT call the FHAHFH directly to be added on the volunteers’ list. The FHAHFH is the primary host for the event, and each sponsoring entity recruits its volunteers directly. As one of the sponsors, we ask that you, please register through our platoon site (link above) and complete our media release and liability waiver before the event.

You may also e-mail the Killeen 1st Service Platoon Leader at or the American Veterans Mission's administrative assistant at to be added to the volunteers’ list.

On build day, March 21st, the FHAHFH staff will guide our registered volunteers through the entire process. They will also provide all the materials we need like paintbrushes, rollers, tools, protective paper/plastic, cleanup supplies, and a gallon each of the following paint colors: purple, brown, white, black, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, gray, and blue.

At a MINIMUM, TMC/AVM will need eight (8) volunteers for the event, broken down into the following teams below. However, the more volunteers, the better and the merrier:

* Two (2) volunteers for the Assembly Team
* Two (2) volunteers for the Roofing Team
* Four to six (4-6) volunteers for Decorating and Paint Team

All tools and safety equipment will be provided on-site. We encourage you to wear the TMC Blue, AVM, FHAHFH, and other team shirts. Please dress comfortably and wear something you would not mind getting dirty or damaged. For your protection, please do not wear open sandals, slippers, or open-toed footwear.

We hope to see you there. Charlie Mike!

What To Wear :

TMC Blue, AVM shirts, FHAHFH shirts, other team shirts, pants you do not mind getting dirty, eyewear/sunglasses, hat or head cover, boots; for your protection, please no open-toed footwear, sandals, or slippers.

What To Bring :

A friend, other volunteers, and your "kick-ass" self.

Parking :

There will be parking space/lot assigned to sponsors, volunteers, and other participants.

Inclement Weather Plan :

In case of extreme weather, the platoon leader will seek further guidance from the Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity (FHAHFH) for postponement, cancellation, or shelter-in-place.