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Project Fertile Fields

March 3, 2018 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Fields 4 Valor

14411 Baden Westwood Rd
Brandywine, MD 20613

Contact :

Quinton Goffinett
(970) 676-8017
My name is Peter Scott and I am the founder of Fields 4 Valor. I am a veteran and have had my own challenge in reinventing myself after service. Which has been much more challenging than it seemed while I was in service. However, I have been very fortunate in many key ways during my transition. I was in a relationship where my now wife had a house and a well-paying job and supported me during my soul searching and healing after the war. I have known veterans who have gone in all directions after the military from prison to private contracting, corporate executive jobs, mental treatment programs and drug dependency programs. From my person experience I know that I have only begun to feel like a success at life after making a major change in career and lifestyle from Counterintelligence Agent to now an Urban Farmer.

Fields 4 Valor (F4V) is a Non-Profit Organization that provides Food, Education, and Employment to veterans, veteran family members, and gold star families. F4V does this through providing members with Farms Shares, Apiary Products, Fruit Shares, Value Added Food Products, Dry Goods, and Culinary Education – all at no cost. While members are encouraged to participate in the growing and processing of products it is not required. Through these activities, F4V hopes to provide a healthy diet, ease the financial burden of transitioning from service, recovering from injury and/or disability, and continuing life after the loss of a loved one.

Our small plot will provide food for ten families currently living in housing provided by Operation Homefront. Families currently live there rent-free while they transition and have one year to get on their feet before they have to move out. This is a perfect partnership for F4V they are housing our target population; Veterans with families who are transitioning from military to civilian lives and struggling to make ends meet while reinventing their own and family’s lives.

Most veterans I know who have succeeded in their own post service life and happiness have done one of two things. Either continued on to the civilian twin of their military career or completely changed the direction of their work. I believe this is especially true of combat veterans. F4V aims to give crucial support to those making the hard transition of changing careers and lifestyle with or without families and with or without injury. Allowing members to use money that would be otherwise be dedicated to groceries to be spent on items such as utilities, clothing, school, rent, and/or transportation. Food provided to members will be coming directly from where it is grown, increasing its quality and nutritional density.

We have already found some wonderful supporters allowing us to start operations. As we grow we will need more. In addition to using sustainable and natural agricultural processes we are also searching for ways to make the program financially sustainable.

Help us support our veterans so that we can become the next greatest generation.

Join us this Presidents' Day weekend as we help condition the soil for the coming growing season at Field 4 Valor's new location in Brandywine, MD. They have 20 - 150' rows that we need to break up and sew with fresh nutrients. It's a big project and we need all the hands we can get!

What To Wear :

Warm Layers, closed toed shoes (boots if you have them), a water bottle, and some snacks to keep up your energy

What To Bring :

Farming spirit, your kids, a friend, and THE FUN

Parking :

On site, but remember it's a farm so leave your low-rider at home unless you got those sweet hydraulic lifts. Carpooling is HIGHLY encouraged.

Inclement Weather Plan :

Alternate project date has been established to account for weather