build your legacy of service with The Mission Continues

This January, The Mission Continues is issuing a call to serve in celebration of The Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service through our campaign #LegacyofService.

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service is a day we salute those who fought, and continue to fight, for equality and justice both in and out of uniform. We proudly recognize that our country is shaped and improved by the activism of its citizens, looking to the Civil Rights Movement as an example of Americans working to create a brighter future for our nation. We continue to serve because there is still work to be done, and veterans are uniquely suited to lead positive change.

We’re leading the charge and partnering with local organizations, schools, and community centers to continue Dr. King’s legacy of service. During the month of January, our veteran-led service platoons will organize service events across the country that exemplify the values Dr. King championed during the civil rights movement, tell a new story of service, and honor his legacy.