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The Women Veterans Leadership Program changes the narrative on what it means to be a woman veteran by leveraging their leadership skills and authentic selves to become change-makers, all while enhancing their personal and professional networks. By the end of the program, program members will have made lasting connections with other women veterans and will feel empowered to lead the charge for gender equality in their communities.

The Opportunity

Over the course of the Women Veterans Leadership Program, you’ll engage in a curriculum that uniquely supports women veterans. Our experiences and research highlights a growing chasm between the potential for women veterans to lead and succeed in life after service, and the reality of our lived-experiences. Women veterans are asked to confront systemic challenges with communication, loss of identity, confidence and self care, all of which make their journey to leadership roles more difficult.

The Mission Continues’ Women Veterans Leadership Program tackles these challenges, so that women veterans build a movement to pursue equality of all women.

Through the in-person and virtual learning, you will hone your leadership through trainings that strengthens your self-confidence, ability to build a coalition of allies, understanding and ability to leverage your story, self-care, and more.

Building Skills for Effective Leadership

  • Effective communication and storytelling

  • Networking

  • Resiliency

  • Mentorship

  • Self-care

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-awareness

Program Benefits

  • Leadership skills training

  • Networking and building community among other women veterans

  • Learn to advocate for yourself and other women

  • Discover an avenue to serve a (non-veteran) community

  • Empower women in under-resourced communities

How It Works

Selected participants will convene for three in-person sessions, timed at the start, middle and end of the five-month span of the program. In between sessions, program members will engage in virtual training and individualized field training.

The program is individualized, but you will have opportunities to engage a nationwide network of women leaders and TMC staff throughout the five-months of the program and beyond. Once you complete the program, you’ll join a growing alumni network, and be eligible for additional mentorship and leadership opportunities to help grow this movement.


  • Program: Free of cost. This is an investment in you and your leadership, courtesy of The Mission Continues’ community of donors.

  • In-Person Sessions: We cover expenses associated with each in-person session including air travel, ground transportation, lodging, and most meals.


You are a self-identifying woman with military service under your belt, motivated to become a leader, and are ready to take on a new challenge. This program is best suited for benefitting women veterans in their early or mid-career.


  • Self-identify as a woman

  • Reside in one of the 56 cities we serve

  • Is a U.S. military veteran, guardsman, or reservist

  • May not be a current or upcoming platoon leader, due to the competing time commitments required for both.

  • Women Veterans Leadership Summit and/or Service Leadership Corps alumnae are eligible to apply. However, this is an introductory program that assumes no previous leadership training with us. Therefore, it will be most beneficial to women who have not previously attended Women Veterans Leadership Summit and/or Service Leadership Corps.

Selection Criteria

Candidates will be selected based on your ability to work in a team and a desire for serving a non-veteran community. In general, the categories include:

Learning and Leadership Growth: Candidates are motivated to grow in leadership through the learning and skill development. Ultimately, candidates desire to be prepared for a leadership role and equipped with the tools to advocate for themselves and other women.

Commitment to Service: Candidates exhibit a passion for service to their community, primarily impacting non-veteran individuals.

Teamwork: Candidates must exhibit a basic or greater ability to work effectively within teams and collaborate with diverse sets of individuals.

Readiness: Candidates meet the minimum eligibility requirements. They are in a point in their life and career to fully utilize this program and have no other circumstances that may negatively impact their full participation.

Access to Technology: You will need access to a computer and reliable internet connection for video meetings, virtual learning, and email communication.

What Her Mission Leaders are saying about The Mission Continues and the Women Veterans Leadership Summit

T’Liza Kiel

US Army veteran

“As a working mom, this wasn’t only a break from the ‘real world’ but time to gather my thoughts and re-ignite myself. I benefited so much from the Women Veterans Leadership Summit; relaxing, not checking emails, learning, growing and having fun with other great impactful woman. It wasn’t a vacation but it was still a breath of fresh air.”

Rose Feroah

US Marine Corps veteran

Rose Feroah

“I really enjoyed the assertive communication and the mindfulness training. I liked to know that there are some women who care very much about the culture of our military, and are working on it. Plus, the networking time was great. If you get the chance to attend this event DO IT. It will be like nothing you’ve experienced, and it will energize and provide for you like nothing has before. Go to remind yourself of the BADASS you are!”

Kimia Flournoy

US Marine Corps

“Through the conversations with and consistent backing from members of The Mission Continues, I’ve been able to flourish as a woman veteran in and out of Georgia.”


For additional questions regarding the program, contact Director of Applicant Experience, Nate Fleckenstein, at nfleckenstein@missioncontinues.org.

To sponsor the Women Veterans Leadership Program, contact Corporate Partnerships Manager, Kat Cheshire at kcheshire@missioncontinues.org.