May 18-21, 2017
San Francisco, Ca

Over the past year, The Mission Continues has highlighted women veterans’ military service and continued service in their communities. Throughout the year, we’ve aimed to raise awareness of the value women veterans offer and ensure they receive the recognition they are due.

To build on the success of our first Womens Summit, we’re gathering 50 women leaders for the second annual Women Veterans Leadership Summit. At this event, we’ll share insights, dive into leadership training, and host open discussions on the unique challenges women leaders face—and the value women veterans bring to improving our communities. We’re on a mission to inspire you, expand your network, and build your leadership tool kit.

Stay tuned for more from the summit by following the hashtag #HerMission on Twitter, and joining our online community on Facebook. Want to dive deeper? Read more about our inaugural Summit last year, and we’ve collected the resulting research in a brief that you can read here.

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Weekend Overview

Flights, hotel accommodations, and meals are provided to all attendees.

Thursday, May 18

Networking and Icebreakers
Welcome and Keynote Speaker
Cocktail Hour and Dinner

Friday, May 19

Workshop: Navigating the Unwritten Rules in the Private Sector
Panel: Women Veterans and Keys to Success in Corporate America
Panel: 2016 and Beyond – Gender and Politics

Saturday, May 20

Workshop: Resiliency, Mindfulness and Meditation
Community Service Project (Offsite)
Workshop: Restorative Yoga and Meditation in Action
Reflections on the Weekend

Sunday, May 20

Breakfast and Airport Departures