Service Leadership Corps FAQs


Who is eligible to apply for the Service Leadership Corps?

The Service Leadership Corps is open to U.S. veterans, Guardsmen, and Reservists from all branches and generations of service. Applicants must reside in the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, has completed one year of military service and has a Character of Service above a “Dishonorable Discharge.”


I was discharged before September 11, 2001. Am I eligible?

Yes, veterans of all eras are eligible to apply.


I received a general discharge “under honorable conditions,” am I eligible to apply for a the program?

Yes. However, we will request additional information as to the circumstances surrounding your discharge for further consideration.


I am getting out of the military soon. Can I apply now and start serving after my discharge?

Yes. If you are on active duty and intend to start the program after you’re discharged from active duty then you can start your application now. All SLC participants must be retired or separated, on IRR, or in the Guard or Reserves only.


Can active Service Platoon Leaders apply for the Service Leadership Corps?

No. Due to the competing time commitments, Service Platoon Leaders and Service Leadership Corps members cannot engage in both programs concurrently. Once you have completed your term as a Platoon Leader you are welcome to apply for the SLC program, and vice versa.


Can Fellowship Program alumni apply for the Service Leadership Corps?

Yes. Fellow alumni who are looking to continue their service and gain new skills are eligible to apply for the Service Leadership Corps.


I applied for a fellowship but did not start the program, can I apply for the Service Leadership Corps?

Yes. Previous fellowship applicants who did not start, or were not accepted for a fellowship with The Mission Continues are welcome to apply.


How do I apply for the Service Leadership Corps?

Interested applicants can apply on our website during the application period. Between enrollment periods, you can sign up to receive updates about the next admissions cycle.


How long is the program?

The Service Leadership Corps is a six-month program.


What is the weekly time commitment for the program?

In between the four in-person sessions, Corps members have an estimated 3-5 hours of group and individual work per week. This includes virtual meetings, online training, reading, and self-paced study.


Is attendance at the in-person sessions mandatory?

Yes, you must be able to attend each of the four in-person sessions associated with the program in their entirety. Each session will be in a different US city. Travel, hotel, and meals are provided by The Mission Continues.


I have a previous commitment on one of the in-person session weekends, but can attend the other three, can I complete the program?

No. Attendance at ALL four of the in-person three-day sessions is required for successful completion of the program. Please review the in-person session dates before committing to the program.


What costs associated with the program am I responsible for?

The Mission Continues covers all costs associated with travel, lodging, and meals for each session unless otherwise noted.