Colorado Wilderness Hut Trip for Women Veterans – July 19-23, 2018

July 19, 2018 5:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Huts For Vets

P.O. Box 2047
Basalt, CO 81621

Contact :

Sarah Plummer Taylor
(760) 969-3216
Hunter-Frying Pan Wilderness
Curriculum – The Mission Continues – Women’s Program

* APPLICATION REQUIRED for screening and acceptance for program *

Thursday July 19-Monday July 23
Friday – 5 p.m. Dinner: Introductions
Saturday – 6:30 a.m. - Breakfast, pack up, drive to Woody Creek


8:30 am. – Why Wilderness?
(Woody Creek Trailhead)
Henry David Thoreau, “I went to the woods…”
Edward Abbey, Nature Prayer

Session I Walking in the Woods
(Woody Creek/Spruce Creek Trail – 6.5 miles)
Soren Kierkegaard , On Walking
John Schwartzberg, MD, Green Exercise: A Walk in the Woods

Session II Wilderness Experience
(Sawmill Park – lunch)
Aldo Leopold, Thinking Like a Mountain
Annie Dillard, Living Like Weasels
Stacy Bare, Veteran Expeditions to Wilderness

Session III Darkness
(Margy’s Hut – Campfire)
Wendell Berry: To Know the Dark

Session IV Sisterhood and Military Service
(Margy’s Hut after breakfast)
Seneca Falls Declaration – 1848
Lt. Col. Janis Nark, Women in the Military
Cara Hoffman, The Things She Carried
Sergeant Dena Price Van den Bosch, Brotherhood
Kayla Williams, Selections from “Love My Rifle More Than You”

Exercise: Hike to Mt. Yeckel - Bushwhacking

Session V Attitude
(Mt. Yeckel – 12,000 ft.)
Paul Andersen, Wild Women
Viktor Frankl (selections), Man’s Search for Meaning
Auden Schendler, The Tragic Blessing of Combat Vets

Session VI Solitude
(Sawmill Park – lunch)
Tao Te Ching, Sixteen
William Wordsworth, Lines from a Spring Afternoon
Henry David Thoreau, Solitude
Sigurd Olson, Silence

Exercise: Wilderness Solos – 1 hr.


Session VII Nature and Society
(Margy’s hut after breakfast)
Chief Luther Standing Bear, Indian Wisdom
Wendell Berry, The Peace of Wild Things
Robert Frost, The Road Less Traveled
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (selection), Collecting Shells

Session Session VIII Re-entry
(Sunday morning/afternoon – hike 6.5 miles to trailhead – return by 4 p.m.)

What To Wear :

If selected for the trip, you will be provided a specific packing list for clothing, gear, and otherwise by Huts For Vets.

What To Bring :

See above.

Parking :

The Mission Continues will coordinate transportation from the Denver area to start site in the mountains.

Inclement Weather Plan :

see above