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Her Mission Continues: The Service of Post-9/11 Women Veterans

June 8, 2015

They are daughters, sisters, neighbors and friends. They are mothers.

They are also soldiers, airmen, Marines and sailors called upon to serve during the longest period of conflict our country has ever known – and not unique only because of the duration.

More than ever before, women have served under fire in pitched battles in Iraq and flown combat sorties over dangerous Afghan valleys. They’re deployed in humanitarian aid missions across the world and protect the nation here at home. …

Sharing Veterans’ Voices: Continue To Serve

May 30, 2015

Liz Skilbeck grew up listening to stories of her grandfather’s service as a U.S. Navy Captain. Although she tried out college she couldn’t shake the urge to enlist. In 2001, she raised her right hand and served nearly four years as an explosive ordnance disposal technician in the Air Force. Her position took her on Secret Service missions all over the Middle East before she was medically discharged in 2005.

When she got out of the military Liz felt lost. …

On Memorial Day, Living and Serving for Those We Lost

By Jess Egan
May 24, 2015

On a biting winter afternoon a little over four years ago, I flipped a switch, just as I had done a hundred times before in Afghanistan, and the whining of the hydraulic pump kicked on. Lowering the ramp was always a slow process, but this time it felt like an eternity. No words could have prepared me for the two columns of Marines I saw lined up at the rear of the aircraft. The men belonged to …

Meet Fellow Brandy Baxter

August 8, 2014

We invite alumni of The Mission Continues Fellowship Program to speak at each pre-fellowship orientation. Fellow Alumna Brandy Baxter addressed the newest class of Mission Continues Fellows at their orientation in May of 2014. 

“My Mission Continues Fellowship partnered me with a non-profit organization that teaches financial education to families with limited financial resources.  I had started teaching financial classes at our last duty station, so this was a perfect match for me.…