May 19, 2017

On May 26-29th, two teams of amateur baseball players, including military veterans, will gather in the St. Louis, MO area in an attempt to break the world record of the “Longest Marathon Baseball Game” ever played. The game is being held in support of The Mission Continues in order to raise awareness for veterans. We empower veterans to reintegrate into civilian life through community service, and are excited about this opportunity to share our message with the greater population. The players will try to establish a new record of over 72 uninterrupted hours of baseball, surpassing their 2015 record of 70 hours, 9 minutes and 24 seconds.

You can join in on the fun by bidding in the silent auction or supporting the players! Prizes include a Big Cedar Lodge Get-a-Way and a Breckenridge Cabin Get-a-way.

“I have worked with The Mission Continues as a volunteer and also have friends who’ve personally benefited from the services the organization provided. It is an honor to be partnering with The Mission Continues and I am looking forward to an amazing and historic event,” said JC Rudden, Organizer of World Record Baseball.

As a staff, we’re are invested in this event’s success. We have three staff members who volunteered to personally participate. One of them, our Events Specialist Jackiee Carbery, noted that, “The World Record Baseball Game takes place on Memorial Day weekend, a time dedicated to remembering the fallen soldiers who defended our country. While we mourn those lost, this game challenges us to celebrate those still fighting. For their country, for their loved ones, and for their communities.”

Participation has personal significance to our staff too. As the first and only woman on the team, Jackiee emphasizes, “I didn’t join this team to be the token woman; I joined this team to prove that all women are capable of getting their hands dirty and kicking some serious ass. I am giving young girls an image of what a woman can be – one they can relate to. A woman who is out there, among the men, doing the same thing and making the same impact.”

Regan Turner, our Executive Director for the West Region, also has a personal reason why he’s participating. He said, “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the Guinness Book of World Records, plus I’ve played baseball my whole life.”

On a more serious note, he explained, “I’ll be playing this game in memory of my high school baseball coach, John Velasquez, who lost his battle with cancer last year. I was personally close with Coach V, and he helped me develop into the leader I am today. He instilled qualities in me that I took with me into the Marine Corps and beyond. It would be impossible for me to play in this game and not think about him.”

For us and our staff, stepping up to the plate (pardon the pun), is meaningful on a personal level in addition to a professional one. For the rest of us, it is ultimately an opportunity for greater St Louis residents to come together in support of veteran services.


To participate in the silent auction, click here. Volunteers to are welcome to participate in the event as an umpire, scorekeeper or official witness. For more information, or to support individual players, click here.