January 19, 2018

Mohan Sivaloganathan, Executive Director - Northeast for The Mission Continues

We’re excited for you to meet Northeast Executive Director Mohan Sivaloganathan. While the Mission Continues community will get to know him in good time, we wanted to break the ice and let him introduce himself in these three questions.


Why are you excited to be at The Mission Continues?

I don’t believe there are very many open questions with respect to positively transforming disenfranchised communities across the country. We know that service is the most powerful tool to catalyze empathy and unity. We know that partnerships between everyday citizens, community organizations, and leaders can scale the highest impact ideas. And we know that veterans possess the skills that are necessary to spark those ideas.

I’m excited to be at The Mission Continues because we’re fueling a movement, a movement that is built on a foundation of impact for and by veterans. Our country is hungry for this type of positive change, and we’re answering the call.


How do you plan to support the Northeast as its new Executive Director? How is the Northeast Region going to rock it this year?

If you know the Northeast, you know that we have a plentiful supply of swag. We set the bar high, hustle hard, and do pull ups on that bar before we leap over it. As we say, “we ‘bout that action.”

I want The Mission Continues to be the go-to partner for veterans, community organizations, funders, politicians, and everyday citizens in Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NYC, NJ, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Puerto Rico (and more).

I’m fortunate to work with an incredible team of changemakers who foster the talents of our veterans and the power of service, and I’m here to support and catalyze their work.

If it all goes according to plan, we’ll be able to share even more stories of powerful, transformative success in the communities we operate; a real impact on veterans; and we’ll be creating or expanding partnerships with a host of people and companies who share our commitment to community impact and the service movement.


How do your experience and interests enhance and weave into your new role?

Over 30 years ago, my parents came to the country with nothing in their pockets. They worked endlessly – from cleaning tables and dishes to stitching clothes – in order to have a piece of the American Dream.

Ultimately, they built careers by giving back, with my Dad working for the Department of State and my Mom becoming a teacher. Their sense of hope, work ethic, and sacrifice obligates me to build new bridges for people to maximize their potential and strengthen the fabric of our country.

As the Executive Director for the Northeast, I hope to channel my fuel and skill set (a very particular set of skills, Liam Neeson might say) to bolster our impact and expand our network of veterans and supporters.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of incredibly innovative social impact programs throughout my career, impacting civic engagement, education, youth development, community health, and more. I’m excited to reapply what I’ve learned as we turn the tide in underserved communities and inspire future generations to serve.


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