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“We Are Baltimore”

By Katie Kilby, staff

I married a Marine and was raised in a Navy family, but my personal journey brought me overseas for two and a half years as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer. Like the veterans who serve in our programs, though, I took the same oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States… I just did so without a uniform, weapons training, and a guaranteed USAA membership.

Despite every twist and turn expected of a Returned Peace …

Introducing T’Liza Kiel, Director of Alumni Engagement

By T’Liza Kiel, staff

Hey there! My name is T’Liza Kiel and I am overjoyed for the journey to come as the Director of Alumni Engagement!

As an alumnus myself, I look forward to the challenge ahead. The Mission Continues has done an outstanding job at engaging veterans, service members, their families, and supporters in collaborative community efforts. Each program implemented through The Mission Continues has made a great impact on the individual lives of participants and the people they were able to …