Mike Bacos| Social Media Coordinator

Mike Bacos

Office: Chicago, Illinois

Tell us about yourself:

After leaving the Navy, I followed my dream to be Jean-Claude Van Damme and went to Thailand to train and compete in muay thai (Thai boxing).


American Military University and Northwestern University



Favorite Movie:

That’s a long list. I love a lot of movies. Anything from Casablanca, La Dolce Vita, Bloodsport, Rocky, Talladega Nights, to Crazy Rich Asians.

Hidden gem in your hometown:

I can’t tell you. Otherwise, everyone will go and I’d have to wait a long time to get in. Fine…Immm Rice and Beyond. It’s the only Thai place I’ll eat at in Chicago because it reminds me of my time in Thailand.

Item on your bucket list:

A one-night stay in the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah in Dubai, then I can go back to being my peasant self.

Song that describes me:

“Electric Worry” by Clutch