Matt Landis | Advisor, Service Leadership Corps

Matt Landis

Office: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Cumberland, Maryland


University of Pittsburgh

Job Prior to The Mission Continues:

Embedded Systems Engineer at the Human Engineering Research Lab

Military Service:

U.S. Army, ’99-’09

My most overused phrase:

“It is what it is.” No, it’s whatever you make it.

Favorite winter activity:

Family Onesie Day (We all wear onesies for Xmas).

Book on my nightstand:

It Happened On the Way to War, Rye Barcott

Favorite Sports Team:

Pittsburgh Penguins

Most rewarding thing about working at The Mission Continues:

Swinging sledgehammers and laying sod, though typically not at the same time.

Song that describes me:

Mars, Bringer of War, by Gustav Holst

Item on your bucket list:

To sail the coast from Amsterdam, around the Mediterranean Sea, all the way to Morocco.