Jackiee Carbery | Project Specialist, West Region

Office: Los Angeles, California


Arlington Heights, Illinois


Indiana University – Bloomington (Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-HOOSIERS!)

Proudest moment of my career:

When Southwest Airlines grounded hundreds of flights the day of our Charlie Orientation and my team and I managed to get our attendees to Minneapolis ANYWAY!

Job Prior to The Mission Continues:

Something much worse than what I do now – this job is a dream.

Favorite winter activity:

As much as I love sledding (and don’t do it nearly enough) I have to be honest and say snuggling up on the couch with a warm blanket, cup of hot chocolate and a stack of books! If my house had a fireplace, that’d be going, too.

Book on my nightstand:

“The Never List” by Koethi Zan (or some other dark and twisty novel).

Favorite movie:

Equal parts Fight Club and Despicable Me. Good luck figuring that out.

Favorite sports team:

DA BULLS and IUBB – I have a thing for good teams with a lot of drama.

Most rewarding thing about working at The Mission Continues:

Every person is essential to our vision. Every person has a hand in creating lasting community impact. Every person matters.

Guilty pleasure:

Watching reality TV (Okay, Dance Moms) with a big bowl of ice cream.

Song that describes me:

“Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap

My most overused phrase:

“Where’s my stress ball?”

Item on my bucket list:

Cruise from the U.S. to Australia!

Who would I dine with (dead or alive):

My beautiful mother, Gillian Flynn, Heath Ledger, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Steve Carrell, Jim Carrey.