Heather McCarty | Director, Learning & Development

Office: St. Louis, Missouri


Cullowhee, North Carolina


University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Job Prior to The Mission Continues:

Director, Learning and Development at Teach For America

Book on your nightstand:

“You are a badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and live an awesome life” by Jen Sincero

Favorite sports team:

THE St. Louis Cardinals

Hidden gem in St. Louis:

Two things that are my favorite and not hidden at all…Ted Drewes and the sea lion show at the zoo!

Most rewarding thing about working at The Mission Continues:

Having the chance to work at a place that is focused on empowering others through service in partnership with communities to improve all involved. I believe deeply in working together to transform and raise up all. In my role having the chance to really focus on the people development to support this is a dream.

Favorite Movie:

I have always been a fan of “The Goonies”, or “Big Fish”.

Guilty Pleasure:

Beer and Netflix bingeing, and taking ALL of the pictures of our two girls.

Song that describes you:

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by Nina Simone.

Who would you dine with (dead or alive):

I would love to have the chance to sit down to talk and eat with family members alive and who have passed away now that I am an adult. I think it would be quite a night!