Allison Bailey | Service Platoon Program Manager

Office: Los Angeles, California


Rogue River, Oregon


Florida International University and Boston University

Military Service:

9 years duel branch Army Military Police and Intelligence Officer

Proudest moment in my career:

Working with pro-bono doctors in Afghanistan to address the needs of children with dire medical issues.

Job Prior to The Mission Continues:

Went to Mechanic School. Out of all the Engine Theory and Electronic Classes, the hardest part was changing the oil without it spilling all over me.

Book on your nightstand:

“Human” by Matt Haig. I don’t even like Sci-Fi, but for some reason I have become invested in this book about an alien-turned-human.

Favorite movie/favorite current movie:

“Major League” and “Moneyball”

Favorite sports team:

Regardless of what my co-workers want me to have…The Oakland A’s

Most Rewarding Thing About Working at The Mission Continues:

I get to work with some of the most passionate people throughout the country to change communities and enrich lives.

Song that describes you:

“Hey Hey What Can I Do” by Led Zepellin

Item on your bucket list:

Spend an entire night in Tokyo playing video games.

Who would you dine with (dead or alive):

My dad, who passed when I was a child.