Invest in This Generation’s Service Leaders

The Mission Continues activates 300 veterans each year to lead thousands of other veterans and community members in 50 cities across the country. Invest in these service leaders today.

Our commitment to you

You will join a network of individuals across the nation who power veterans as they continue serving our country after they’ve hung up their military uniform. When you invest $10,000 or more in The Mission Continues, you can expect:

  • 10 stories of veterans in Mission Continues programs

  • Thank you notes from veterans you are supporting

  • Impact reports covering national days of service, Women Veterans Leadership Summit, Service Platoon Leadership Summit, and Mass Deployment

  • Recognition on our website

Veteran Spotlight

Kat Saldana

Kat Saldana, Veteran Spotlight

“I serve homeless families with the Boston 1st Service Platoon, meeting new people, hearing their stories, and building bridges within the community. The Mission Continues gives me a part of myself that has been missing for a long time. I feel welcomed and find the fellowship that I miss from being in the Army. Volunteering with The Mission Continues has taught me so much about the importance of networking and making lasting connections within communities.”

Donor Spotlight

Kathy French

Kathy French, Donor Spotlight

After being introduced to The Mission Continues by a colleague in 2009, Kathy French joined our Veterans Day service project in St. Louis. Kathy came to the event looking to volunteer side by side with veterans. She enjoyed her experience getting to know our veterans so much that she became part of the giving circle to fund The Mission Continues in 2010. She has invested in The Mission Continues each year since then. From orientations to Veterans Day service projects, Kathy is continuously serving alongside our veterans and staff. What came from that first day has developed into a lifelong friendship with many in The Mission Continues’ network. Kathy is a true champion of our work, and we are proud to have her as part of The Mission Continues family of donors. Kathy describes what it was like to meet a veteran supported by her investment: “After talking to her for 10 minutes I was in awe of the passion she showed and the boundless energy and passion she had for helping her community, all while raising kids. I left that conversation so energized and proud to have been a part of helping focus such incredible energy in a positive direction.”

What drives our programs


Veterans feel a deeper sense of connection to veterans, their local community, and professional networks, and 82.4% of veterans feel a sense of community with The Mission Continues.

Personal Growth

Veterans develop and grow in ways that help them successfully reintegrate to life after the military. Areas of growth include skill competency, leadership, sense of purpose, self-confidence, communication and well-being. At The Mission Continues, 83.6% of veterans feel a stronger sense of fulfillment.

Community Impact

Veterans impact communities that need their help by working to support the creation of empowered community organizations and/or the building of strong, healthy, and sustainable communities; 93.8% of veterans in Mission Continues programming feel they have the ability to make a difference in their community.